Efinity, a next-generation blockchain for digital assets, built on Polkadot is now live..


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   Sale price:    0.01BNB = 3000EFI

   Minimum buy: 0.01BNB Maximum buy: 15BNB

   Listing pancakeswap 30th October 2021 (1EFI~$0.20-$0.70)

   Invite your friends to buy and receive 100% Bonus



   Invite your friends to claim and receive 100% bonus

   Invite your friends to buy and receive 100% bonus

   Example, Your friend claim or buy 100EFI You receive 100EFI

   After sale, EFI will be Listed at Binance

Efinity is built to solve these problems

Businesses and developers seriously need a platform that can deliver a modern, mainstream and developer-friendly NFT experience. Since the release of Ethereum, there have been attempts to build infrastructure and tokenization around this general-purpose computing blockchain, but there’s an ever-growing thirst for a better solution. Creators are forced to work with crippling fees, inflexible smart contracts and disjointed interoperability. Adoption of today’s NFTs is still limited to die-hard crypto enthusiasts. The blockchains that non-fungible tokens live on give actual users no incentives (other than the prices rising), because miners are given the full share of generated tokens. Prices rise, infrastructure companies create silos and paywalls, and it becomes difficult to make real progress in this industry - unless we can unify the community and think a bit differently.

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Blockchains like Ethereum have become expensive. The average user might pay $7+ to move a single token. Efinity’s purpose is to be an NFT highway, not a general computing blockchain. Token creation, transfers and purchases are the network’s priority. Transaction fees on Efinity are designed to stay in the background, and allow users to experience their favorite collectibles without worrying about how the network operates.


Ethereum and Bitcoin reward miners with coins for securing the chain, but there aren’t similar incentives in the NFT industry to fuel growth and development. Efinity compensates network participants with the EFI token:

  • --Nodes who run the network.
  • --Users who govern the direction of the network.
  • --Buyers and sellers who facilitate price discovery.

Network Effects

Fragmented blockchains and marketplaces result in walled gardens that compete for liquidity and hurt the growing digital metaverse. Efinity will be a hub for all fungible and non-fungible tokens. The Paratoken standard accepts tokens from any other chain, including the popular ERC-721, ERC-1155, and ERC-20 standards. The network that solves the challenge of facilitating the pricing and exchange of NFTs will naturally gain traction, because it will create network effects by attracting increasing volumes of transactions.


Total Supply

The total supply of EFI is 2,000,000,000 tokens.

Staking & Pools

15% of the total supply is reserved for nominator staking and pools. These tokens are provided as rewards for running the parachain during the first 8-10 years.

Public Sale

A Public Sale will commence in June 2021


5% of total supply (100M EFI)
Maximum USD $500 limit per person
Price per token: USD $0.20
Valued at USD $400M fully diluted market cap

Private Sale

The Private Sale consists of 300,000,000 EFI, divided into three rounds:

Seed Round

3% of total supply
60M EFI at USD $0.05
Valued at USD $100M fully diluted market cap
USD $3M raise

Early Round

7% of total supply
140M EFI at USD $0.06
Valued at USD $120M fully diluted market cap
USD $8.4M raise

Strategic Round

5% of total supply
100M EFI at USD $0.075
Valued at USD $150M fully diluted market cap
USD $7.5M raise

Our Main Road Map

  • Phase 1
    EFI Token Launch

    Jumpnet with ERC-20 bridge
    Early Adoption Staking
    Private Sale
    Public Sale
    Paratoken Standard

  • Phase 2
    Pools and Stacking

    Discrete Accounts
    EFI Network Fees & Pools
    Collator Node Staking
    Multisig Transactions
    Polkadot Bridge
    Fuel Tanks

  • Phase 3
    Future Projects

    On-chain Marketplace
    Treasury Pool
    Smart Contracts

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